That’s what we both hate about fiction, or at least crappy fiction—it purports to provide occasions for thinking through complex issues, but really it has predetermined the positions, stuffed a narrative full of false choices, and hooked you on them, rendering you less able to see out, to get out.

Digital Collage: Alphabet, Bonsai Tree

And what is empathy but imagination applied to other people.

Digital Collage: Found Images

Dubai Dolphin

Sculpture: Clay, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Glass Dolphin, Vinyl Stickers

Photography & Collage

Orange Tree | As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivate fruit tree in the world.

Sculpture/Collage: Clay, Oranges, Found Image, Digital Painting

The end of a melody is not its goal: but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end it would not have reached its goal either.

Digital Collage, Text and Paint

Qaboos loves the drama | Sultan Qaboos is ailing, and nobody knows who might take over his role as the ruler of Oman. Sultan Qaboos refuses to discuss the subject. However, he has written the name of the next ruler of Oman on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope kept in the royal palace in the capital of Muscat, only to be opened once he has died.  There is also a second envelope, held in a different royal palace in the southern city of Salalah. Apparently, it contains the same name, in case the first envelope cannot be found.

Digital Collage: Qaboos Portrait, Found Images, Text

Most of what we do is forgotten. When we talk about the study of memory, really it should be the study of forgetting. / Tiny, Sophisticated Human Brain Grown In A Dish.

Digital Collage: Drawing, Found Image

The sun at noon is the sun declining; the creature born is the creature dying

Digital Collage: Lavender, Pangea, Grid Paper, Paint

Name Series

Photography & Digital Drawing

Iraqis are a proud people, like you British, but we are different in one way: ideas excite us much more than facts; words and poetry excite us even more, and that's why we've achieved so little and our future is so uncertain.

Digital Collage: Grid Paper, Lined Paper, Paint

Rigorous testing has certainly shown that there is a strong association inside the minds of English speakers between the word 'past' and the position 'on the left'. Arabic speakers with the past on the right, the present in the middle and the future on the left.

Digital Drawing, Text

Isn't it strange, how men pull a long face when a woman gives birth to a girl baby, but grin happily if a cow does the same thing.

Digital Collage: Drawing, Grid Paper, Painting, Japanese Birthing Doll

Salmon Earrings

Digital Collage & Painting

In 1965, the Chinese government, faced with famine and the pressures of overpopulation, decided to enact a family planning policy, where “one is good, two is just right, three is too many.”

Digital Collage: William Scott Painting, Grid Paper, Painting

Jeff Ko

Sculpture: Clay, Vinyl Sticker, Postcard

Egypt Sculpture

Sculpture: Clay, Acrylic, Vinyl Sticker, Found Object

Yder Series

Newspapers series

The problem with having a body is that it always needs to be somewhere

Acrylic, Vinyl, Slideshow

Yada, yada, yada

Performance with Lou Macnamara




Acrylic, plastic, hooks

Space into place

Digital collage